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Kitchen Design Trends 2022: What’s In, What’s Out

Home design trends happen every few years, sometimes just to mix things up. However, many of the emerging trends can be traced to the pandemic, which fundamentally changed how we functioned in our homes. One of the rooms most affected by that shift is the kitchen. It’s long been the hub of the home, but during the pandemic, for many families, it also became Grand Central Station—providing homework space and remote workspace.

Understandably, people want their kitchens to be pleasant and functional spaces. If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, we’ve put together a collection of the biggest trends in kitchen design in 2022 and things to avoid. Undertaking a kitchen remodel can be a significant investment of resources, so the last thing you want is to invest your time and money into something that will feel outdated in a few years.

Most kitchen trends can last ten years or more. Take a look at what’s happening in the world of kitchen design and see if it’s a good fit for you. In the end, any home remodeling project needs to suit your taste and work for you, regardless of design trends.

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Splashes Of Color

While many kitchen design experts consider a white kitchen fresh, modern, and timeless, today’s movement incorporates a pop of color. Pristine all-white, sleek kitchens are on the way out because they tend to feel cold and impersonal and can be impractical, especially with the hustle and bustle of family.

Whether applying color to cabinets or walls, the move is to pair neutral tones with strong colors, like deep greens, rich reds, and blues. Those splashes of color give your kitchen personality. For those who wish to stick with a classic white kitchen, designers say choosing a warmer shade of white is the way to go.

A coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to transform a room. Fortunately, the warehouse has a well-stocked selection of paint and paint supplies.

Vinyl Flooring

Although hardwood is still the top choice, vinyl continues to grow in popularity, going from 14 percent in 2020 to 23 percent in 2022. Today, vinyl is even more popular than ceramic or porcelain tile. In addition, vinyl flooring offers great practicality because it’s water-resistant and affordable and has a softer feel underfoot, making it attractive to remodelers that want a comfortable home. 

Vinyl flooring is perfect in areas that might get wet, like kitchens, because it’s not just water-resistant but waterproof. In addition, vinyl flooring is usually less expensive than natural hardwood, engineered wood, and many types of ceramic or porcelain tile. Check out our vinyl flooring options for a great buy!

Cozier, More Personalized Kitchens

One of the most significant design trends is called Granny chic, also known as Grandmillennial Style. It began a couple of years ago as a modern interpretation of the familiar. But, as we’ve watched the world spin out of control due to the pandemic, those hand-me-down pieces from Grandma and Great Aunt Bea bring a sense of comfort. 

Add the desire to create a cozy space with this style to the widespread supply-chain issues driving long lead time, and the search for vintage and antique pieces is on! And, what better place to find vintage and antique pieces than Re-Store Warehouse?

For example, think of a pair of Parisian crystal chandeliers over a kitchen island. Speaking of kitchen islands, it’s popular now to use a vintage farm table in place of an island. An old dresser can store various kitchen items while adding warmth and personality. A vintage piece of furniture can add an unexpected layer of visual interest and be a great conversation piece. 

​​Artwork And Lamps

Another trend in kitchen design to make them look less practical and more like an extension of our comfy living spaces is adding decor usually reserved for places like the living room. For example, small paintings, table lamps, and mirrors have branched out into the kitchen. 

Kitchen Work Stations

Over the last decade, kitchen workstations have been popular. But as more people worked remotely, the small desk tucked away in the kitchen won’t cut it anymore, and let’s be honest, most kitchen desks just end up stacked with papers and clutter that you don’t want to see. 

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Renovation 

Re-Store Warehouse has just about everything you need when it comes to kitchens. Whether you’re tackling a massive renovation or just considering a few subtle changes, Re-Store Warehouse is a great place to find what you need to update your kitchen without blowing your budget.

Stocked with multiple kitchen cabinet styles, appliances, flooring, windows, and doors, Re-Store Warehouse offers kitchen design services and many DIY resources. As a bonus, your purchases help support the less fortunate of Cumberland County while promoting the sustainability of our environment.