At The Re-Store Warehouse, we are your friends and neighbors, working to help Cumberland County. We provide a place where our community comes together to improve lives.

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We accept your donations of gently used kitchen cabinets, furniture, appliances, flooring, lighting and other renovation supplies

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We re-sell your donations at thrifty prices, making it possible for people with low or fixed income to refurbish and outfit their homes

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We donate 100% of net resale profits to local organizations that help at-risk kids, the poor and the homeless of Cumberland County


The mission of The Re-Store Warehouse, the regional leader in providing affordable new and used home improvement products, is to donate 100% of all net profits to charities whose purpose is to support the less fortunate of Cumberland County while promoting sustainability of our environment.

The success of the Re-Store Warehouse is wholly dependent on the donation of new and used building and renovation supplies. Without donations from builders and people renovating or relocating, Re-Store could not give money to protect at-risk kids. It could not help feed the hungry. It could not fund housing assistance for the poor and elderly or emergency shelter for the homeless.


Following are the programs our charities administer…the programs you support when you donate to The Re-Store Warehouse. We make it easy for you to help. Simply call us at (910) 321-0780 or use our Pick Up Form to schedule a FREE pick up and we’ll pick up your items for you. Yes, we pick up FREE of charge!*

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Youth Support Programs

Re-Store Warehouse supports multiple after school and community programs that help keep at-risk youth motivated and enriched through wrap-around support services.

Your donations help further our efforts to ensure continued health and happiness for our children.

Protecting Our Kids
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Emergency Assistance

Re-Store Warehouse provides financial support to local organizations that address the widespread needs of people suffering in crisis situations throughout the county.

Your donations help us support services such as a food pantry, a clothing closet and financial assistance services for families and individuals who are in crisis or homeless.

Feeding Our Hungry
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Housing Assistance

Re-Store Warehouse partners with local contractors and other agencies to ensure that our community’s elderly and low-income homeowners are housed in safe and comfortable living conditions. This assists approximately 170-200 fixed or low-income homeowners annually.

This vital and invaluable program also addresses the crisis of family homelessness, providing emergency shelter for homeless children and their families.

Providing Safe Shelter


The Re-Store Warehouse was established as a joint venture of Fayetteville Urban Ministry and Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity in 1999. Over the last 15 years, The Re-Store Warehouse has donated almost $80,000 annually – over $1.1 million dollars in donations. The Cumberland Community Foundation Real Estate Foundation has provided use of the business space for Re-Store Warehouse thanks to the generous donation by Mrs. Eleanor and the late Raymond Manning. Re-Store Warehouse is itself a non-profit. Founded in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) and governed by a board of directors whose mission is to donate 100% of net profits to charities that help the less fortunate in Fayetteville and its surrounding area.

The Re-Store Warehouse is much more than 60,000 square feet of new and used kitchen cabinets, furniture, appliances, flooring, lighting and other renovation supplies. We are a place where the community comes together to improve lives. We improve lives by selling new and used building and renovation supplies to the public at thrifty prices. People who could not otherwise afford bath fixtures, door hardware and quality furniture are able to outfit their homes thanks to Re-Store Warehouse.

Another way Re-Store Warehouse improves lives? The net profits made from our warehouse sales go to organizations that help the poor of Cumberland County. Over the last 20 years, Re-Store Warehouse has donated more than $1 million dollars to the following non-profit partners: Fayetteville Urban Ministry, Operation Inasmuch, KidsPeace of Fayetteville, Seth’s Wish, Falcon Children’s Home, School of Hope, Child Advocacy Center, Salvation Army, Family Promise (formerly Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network), Center for Economic Empowerment and Development (CEED) and Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity.

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Falcon Children's Home
School of Hope Fayetteville
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All donated goods are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law
and can be dropped off at 205 Forsythe Street (28303)

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