Rev. Aaron Johnson

Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial Council

Heritage, History & Tradition of Service since 1957
Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial Council, Inc. (FCCMC) was established in 1957 during the turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement. Founding President, Dr. Aaron Johnson, along with other ministers and pastors, formed the Council to provide guidance and stability during this this difficult phase of our nation’s history. The Council was not only formed to be a voice within community, but was also formed to promote unity and togetherness for the overall well-being for all the citizens of Cumberland County.
The guiding principle of FCCMC is that “We Are Better Together,” fostering the conviction that when we come together and work together in unity, our whole community s better overall. Moreover, when working together, we come closer to Dr. King’s concept of the Beloved Community.
FCCMC is a non-profit organizational designed to serve and meet the needs of the community and its people. FCCMC has a proud history and tradition of serving and giving back to the community. All donations and proceeds received from the community are quickly returned back to the community. Listed below are just a few community activities and acts of benevolence provided by or supported by FCCMC. With a history of 60 years, we remain one of the oldest Ministerial Alliances in Fayetteville and the entire state of North Carolina.

Gladys Currie Memorial Scholarship

Gladys was born and raised in New Jersy before moving to Fayetteville after her husband died. She joined the Re-Store Warehouse team in 2004 as a volunteer. Gladys worked 8 years with the Re-Store Warehouse before succumbing to cancer in 2012. “Miss Gladys,” as she was affectionately known, was honest and hardworking. She baked the best chocolate layer cake around. In honor of her dedication to improving the lives of others, the Re-Store Warehouse established the Gladys Currie Memorial Scholarship in 2013.

Vincent X. Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Vince was born and raised in Wichita, KS before volunteering for the US Army and becoming a member of the 82 Airborne where he completed over 100 jumps. Vince became a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, GA where he influenced thousands of young men. He retired from the Army in 2005 and settled in Fayetteville. One day, fate brought Vinvent to the Re-Store Warehouse where he became part of the family. In 2014 he passed away from cancer. To honor his dedication to excellence, the Vincent X. Phillips Memorial Scholarship was established in 2015.
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