Operation Inasmuch

Operation Inasmuch is a national nonprofit that employs proven models to motivate, train, and equip churches to move more congregants out of the sanctuary seats and into the streets to serve the neediest in their communities.
The heart of Operation Inasmuch is to spread A Compassion Revolution of profound impact on our churches and communities. Our role in such a revolution is to motivate, train, and equip churches to move congregants out of the seats and into the streets to minister to the “least of these:” the sick, the poor, the hungry, prisoners, immigrants, and orphans, in short, any neighbor in need.
Operation Inasmuch is also a movement of churches across America, a Compassion Revolution. Over 2,000 churches in 24 states have joined the Revolution. 514 of these churches reported that they collectively sent out more than 27,000 volunteers in 2016 to minister to 208,442 people in their communities, representing $4.2M in labor hours and material costs. Lives within and without these churches changed! Watch the following video for a quick overview.
Operation Inasmuch began in 1995 when more than half of the congregation of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, went out to serve the neediest in their community in a single day of service.
Since then, over 2,000 churches in 25 states and 4 foreign countries – plus two universities – have joined the Compassion Revolution, mobilizing volunteers to serve for an Inasmuch Day, with an Inasmuch United, and, now, for an Inasmuch Life.
Operation Inasmuch has armed churches of all denominations and sizes — from 5 to 5,000 — to advance the Compassion Revolution in three stages: