Gate Beautiful

Our Mission

Our mission at Gate Beautiful is to offer a clear path to freedom to men, women, and children caught in the snare of Human Trafficking, prostitution, or addiction by providing crisis response, case management, and individualized restoration planning.

Freedom for All

Our mission is not limited to victims of Human Trafficking, but to those on all sides of the Human Trafficking problem. We believe in restoration for victims, buyers, and traffickers alike, because we believe in freedom for all

Stress Person

At Gate Beautiful, we believe that while survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction have emergency physical needs that have to be met, there is a much deeper healing available to them. Our desire is to walk with survivors to safety, support them in recovery, and point them to Hope. We believe Hope is a person. 

The man at the gate called Beautiful begged there for what scholars believe to be about forty years. Every day looked the same. Every day he left with hopefully the money he needed to have his physical needs met, but nothing deeper. The world offers money, self-help, and false purpose. What Peter and John offered this man is exactly what we are inspired to offer to each survivor we serve. The solutions of this world do not satisfy, but the deep healing of Jesus is why Gate Beautiful exists.