Thrift Store Finds to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

For much of the country, spring welcomes us to the great outdoors and our yards and gardens feature prominently on our to-do lists. When the weather’s nice, there are few things more pleasant than relaxing in your yard. If you’re looking to spruce up your space, whether it’s a large expanse of land or a small plot of land or a balcony, the thrift store can be your best friend.

Thrift shopping for items to create a peaceful outdoor oasis is a good idea for several reasons:

  • It’s less expensive.

Purchasing all new things for your outdoor space can quickly add up to a major investment.


  • It helps the environment.

Acquiring items for your outdoor space from thrift stores helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill and saves resources.


  • It creates a unique space.

Using thrift store finds in your outdoor space lets your style shine. Whether it’s using thrift store items to create one-of-a-kind planters or adding a touch of whimsy to your garden, your personal touch will be on display.


Old tables, chairs, dressers, even filing cabinets can all add character and charm to your outdoor area, and provide practical solutions. The possibilities are limitless! Here are a just few ways you can rescue thrift store items and give them new life in your outdoor space:

  1. Used mirrors are a clever way to make a small outdoor setting look larger. Prop it up against a fence or wall, or suspend it from a tree to create the illusion of more space. Use an old mirror as is, or upcycle a few pieces of tile to give it a fresh look.
  2. A used chest of drawers can become a distinctive planter. Add a fresh coat of paint in vivid colors, or natural shades and a selection of colorful flowers to make you smile and capture the attention of any visitors.
  3. That interesting chair you spotted at the thrift store can easily be transformed into an attractive plant stand. Paint it or decorate it and it can become a real stand-out in your yard.
  4. If you’re handy with tools or even a glue gun, consider rounding up old plates, cups, and saucers, and attaching them to an old chandelier, to create a bird feeder for your feathered friends.
  5. For those with an artistic streak, gather a selection of colorful glass plates to attach to an old bicycle rim to craft a piece of garden art that you can lean against a tree or hang.
  6. Repurpose a used wardrobe or armoire to serve as a potting shed or to hold your gardening supplies.
  7. Two used doors and a window can be connected to fashion a garden arch leading to a flower or vegetable garden, fire pit, or sitting area.
  8. Speaking of doors and windows, string a few together to build a fence that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.
  9. Finally, turn a used filing cabinet into a storage container for all your gardening supplies and yard tools. Simply remove the drawers, place horizontally, paint or decorate, and fill the drawer spaces with your tools.


With a little imagination and time, and sometimes elbow grease, you can use thrift store treasures to design your special outdoor retreat. Not only will you be able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space, when you support Re-Store Warehouse, but you also make it possible for Cumberland County organizations to help at-risk kids, the poor, and the homeless in our community. And remember to donate your used items. They could be just the ticket for another shopper to create a memorable outdoor haven.

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