5 Great Reasons to Outfit Your Home With Thrift Store Finds

5 Great Reasons to Outfit Your Home With Thrift Store Finds 

(And Tips for the Best Shopping Experience)


Smart shoppers, savvy fixer-uppers, and even designers on the hunt for renovation materials, furniture, and appliances know that thrift stores can be a goldmine for amazing bargains and unique finds. What’s not to love?! If you’re fiscally or environmentally conscious (or both), it just makes good sense.

Thrift stores offer a treasure trove of goodies. From the mundane (think bathroom sinks and toilets) to the one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that promises to take your home from stylish to wow, thrift stores are a veritable source of fantastic deals. You may even get lucky and find $10,000 in an old suitcase!


Okay, that might be a longshot, but there are several reasons to shop at thrift stores for furniture, appliances, and remodeling supplies.

  • It’s Good For Your Budget

Who doesn’t like to save money? Purchasing new furniture, appliances, and materials to re-do spaces in your home can be expensive. Thrift stores sell items at extremely low prices compared to their retail counterparts. Getting home goods for a fraction of the original cost is cause for celebration.

  • It’s Good For Your Community

Every time you shop at Re-Store Warehouse, you help us improve life for people in need in Cumberland County, North Carolina. We provide 100 percent of all net profits to charities that serve the less fortunate in our community, including programs to help at-risk youth, emergency assistance to feed the hungry, and safe housing for our seniors and low-income families.

  • It’s Good For the Environment

When people donate items that others purchase, they are keeping these items out of landfills. Everyone involved is doing their small part to help the environment. The items purchased can be reused, or new uses can be found for them.

  • It Gives Your Home Personality

Buying from thrift stores can help you create your style and stand out from the crowd. Whether you repurpose a find or add a vintage piece to your space, it will be a unique addition to your home. And–the good news is–vintage rarely (if ever) goes out of fashion. 

  • It Satisfies the Thrill of the Hunt

Who knows what you might find? Check out some of these incredible finds, including a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence worth $477,650, purchased for a cool $2.48! Hey, anything’s possible, right?!


There are a few things to keep in mind to  maximize your thrift store shopping experience:

  • Shop Frequently

Inventory can change hourly at thrift stores, so you have to commit to the hunt if you want to scoop the best deals! 

  • Act Quickly

If you like it, buy it! If you can visualize it in your home, get it! Even if you’re not sure what it is, but it just speaks to you, get it! Do not leave “to think about it” because it won’t be there nine times out of 10 when you go back for it. Just get it! 

  • Measure Before Shopping

It’s not a bargain if it won’t fit in your space. Make sure you take measurements with you when you shop.

  • View Things Creatively

That old dresser could be a cool bathroom vanity. Remember, things don’t have to be used for their original purpose. A bit of elbow grease and your imagination can make an old piece of furniture or a fixture sparkle, and a fresh coat of paint gives everything new life!


Buying to save money, buying to support a good cause, and buying to help save the environment are all very smart choices. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to remodel your home or make your home uniquely yours. Consider using affordable new and used home improvement products to save money and decorate with panache. Best of all, by shopping at Re-Store Warehouse, you are helping to support the less fortunate of Cumberland County and promoting the sustainability of our environment.



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