Updating Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle

Updating Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle


The kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of activity, and usually the place where friends and family gather at a get-together. Investing in a kitchen renovation gives you the opportunity to show off your personality and boost your home’s value. But, can updating your kitchen really make your lifestyle healthier?

Actually, research indicates that it can! In a 2017 survey, a third of the homeowners reported leading healthier lifestyles after their kitchen renovation. They cook more meals at home (41 percent), order less takeout (34 percent), eat more fruits and vegetables (26 percent), and cook five or more meals at home each week (76 percent).

There are several ways an updated kitchen can inspire a more healthy lifestyle:


Create An Efficient Layout 


Preparing a meal in a kitchen with a layout that seems to thwart your every move is a chore. But in a kitchen with an efficient layout, where everything is accessible, meal prep is much easier, faster, and even fun. It saves steps and makes the entire process more enjoyable. It can also make cleanup a breeze. Don’t know the best way to make your kitchen efficient? Our professional kitchen design experts can guide you through the entire planning process step by step.



Create Multiple Work Areas


Adding all those fruits and veggies to your diet requires lots of chopping, which means you need more counter space. A kitchen with multiple work zones makes it possible for more people to get in on the meal preparation action. It also makes any food prep much more manageable, so you’ll be more inclined to make and eat healthy meals.


Invest in Appliances That Make Healthy Eating Easier


The right kitchen appliances, big or small, can make healthy eating much more accessible. By eliminating the hassle of preparing food or providing adequate storage space for healthy foods, they help minimize the chance of falling back into unhealthy eating habits. After all, if you can quickly prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal in the same amount of time that it takes to throw a processed meal in the microwave, there is no reason to go back to eating junk food again.

For example, a refrigerator model with the freezer on the bottom that puts the produce drawers closer to eye level lets you survey your selection of fresh fruits and veggies. A trusty food processor makes it a snap to chop and dice, and a blender can shake up your eating habits and blend your way into consuming more fruits and veggies. When it comes to appliances, we’ve got you covered!


Incorporate Spaces for Organization


A well-organized kitchen isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it can inspire you to keep the space clean and tidy, which studies have found can lead to being healthier. When you have adequate space to organize your kitchen, it’s easier to keep clean and provides the room you need to keep lots of staples to promote home cooking and healthy snacks. The right kitchen cabinets offer storage solutions that make your life easier and more nutritious. When you have to dig around for the blender to make that healthy protein shake, there’s a good chance you’ll skip it and just grab whatever you can lay your hands on first, which may not be the healthiest choice. You can avoid this with an organized kitchen.


Let the Sunshine In


Finally, there is nothing like natural light to make your kitchen look and feel good. Our huge selection of windows and doors can turn any kitchen into a pleasing and welcoming environment where you’ll enjoy spending time.

Of course, an updated kitchen won’t make you healthier all by itself. What you cook and eat plays a big role in a healthier lifestyle. However, having a beautiful, fully functional kitchen can make that a whole lot easier to accomplish.

The Re-Store Warehouse is a great place to find the products you need to update your kitchen or for any home improvements at a great price. As a bonus, your purchases help support the less fortunate of Cumberland County while promoting our environment’s sustainability.

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