Operation Inasmuch Blessings Campaign

Operation Inasmuch Blessings Campaign

A message of gratitude from Alexandria Rappe, Communications Manager or Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch:

“Our Blessings campaign took off with a bang. We are so delighted to feature Re-Store Warehouse as our first donor. Early in the month, Bill McMillan came by and served breakfast to our family members and then presented us with a $20,000 check for Blessings. Bill explained, “With us at Re-Store Warehouse, it’s about focusing and covering on this need. We then continue on this mission: to make more money, to then solve a problem and tackle an issue – while also spreading the good news and spreading the wealth.”

Re-Store Warehouse has been long time partners with us and continually supports and shares our mission to the Fayetteville community, without a second thought. “It’s enjoyable [to serve] because it’s easy. They’ve been doing a great job for over ten years now. Operation Inasmuch is changing people’s lives and making an impact on the front line every day,” Bill said, “Every time there is a challenge, Operation Inasmuch meets it. When you’re here and see the smiles on the family member’s faces, you can see someone cares about them, and being a part of that is very fulfilling. It’s a blessing because you can see the fruits of your labor.”

We are grateful for the Re-Store Warehouse and their compassion; it’s humbling and fulfilling to us who are engaged and excited about our mission. As we continue in our campaign and sharing our story, we pray and hope the same thing Bill shared: “that everyone is at the right place and the right time and everyone is able to set up and transform our community and make it as good here on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen.

Thank you, again, Bill McMillan and the Re-Store Warehouse, for your time, donation and being a blessing here in Fayetteville.

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