Building Together—Our Partnership with Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch

Building Together—Our Partnership with Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch

Building Together—Our Partnership with Fayetteville Area Operation InasmuchWhat started as only a volunteer day in 1995, Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch (FAOIAM) is now its own established non-profit. The specific volunteer days, called “Blitz Day”, are days where different churches and people come together to serve the community of Fayetteville with a variety of maintenance projects, needed household projects, and the like. One of the projects that was taken on in the past was a construction project on our current Re-Store Warehouse building. Sue Byrd, founder of FAOIAM, was involved in that Blitz Day project and many others, before focusing on her own passion and calling.

FAOIAM was then founded on its own in 2006 and primarily focuses on serving and helping homeless people and surrounding issues. Three main programs the staff executes are The Breakfast Program, Abe-Life Program, and Frink Street.

The Breakfast Family Program started in 2009, serving hot and nutritional food from 7:30-8:20 am. The meals are served specifically by volunteers—be that from businesses and churches, and can expect up to 100 people each morning. Aside from physical nourishment, a daily devotion with scripture and prayers also occur. Furthermore, family members and participants are offered a hot shower, laundry services, haircuts, reading glasses, while also offering medical care and assessment weekly. A computer lab is available for their desired use to work on resumes and fill out job applications. Other than serving breakfast, families, churches, businesses can help by sponsoring a day or more in the “Breaking Bread Program” and help meet budget needs and supplies.

The Abe-Life program began in 2017 and focuses on men who want change their lives completely. For about 40 men who are ready for this next step, they stay overnight in The Lodge and go through a phased program. The expectations for the men are to create realistic financial and spiritual goals, while attaining a job and participate in all activities with a mature manner. “We want in a person, a man who can step up, and want to be the best father they can be and reconnect with their family and children. And we [Operation Inasmuch] want to be that family for them while they are building for their biological family,” Sue explains.

In the Able-Life program they are provided a place to sleep, alongside Bible devotions and guidance to financial planning. As one grows in responsibility, he is eligible for the final phase—living in a provided home on Frink Street, for a maximum for one year. This also requires a continued responsibility of mature behavior, house cleaning, and legal employment. Each house includes: cable television, air condition and heat, a washer and dryer, linens, and a full kitchen.

Their mission of love, serving as Jesus did, and feeding people is no one-man’s job. Alongside the community of FAOIAM, comes a whole community of Fayetteville, including Re-Store Warehouse. Re-Store Warehouse has helped and been a part FAOIAM ‘s goals from all ends. During the construction of The Lodge, Re-Store Warehouse helped with the construction and gave a significant amount of money to help fund the project.

Building Together—Our Partnership with Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch

Furthermore, Re-Store Warehouse gives $1,000 for the Breaking Bread program consistently, alongside other donations. The partnership has led to things being built, literally, and other things such as trust and companionship. Sue shares, “Re-Store Warehouse serves as a team, as both financially and physically present. In the past they have helped serve breakfast to our family numerous of times. They trust us using the money the way it is meant to be used and spent and we’ve built that trust and followed through what we said we would do.”

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”; seems it also takes a village of compassionate and hardworking people to help citizens have new beginnings. “Re-Store Warehouse has been with every step of the way, we are so grateful Re-Store Warehouse’s board chose us. They have been so generous and Bill is the kind of person whom you thank the Lord every day for. It’s not so much as a partnership, but a friendship—our lives are intertwined together,” Sue continues.

We at Re-Store Warehouse are honored to help Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch, who as Sue shares, “aims to build a better place for people to build a new life.” And with building, we know every step counts.

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