Mentoring Together—Our Partnership with Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services

Mentoring Together—Our Partnership with Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services

Over 100 years of guiding, caring, and mentoring. Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services and Family Services has done this and more since 1909.

The beloved non-profit cares for and homes kids and children who cannot live with their parents. Children, starting newborn to 21 years old, are placed to them by social workers and churches. The majority of the children who they receive are neglected and/or abused.
The services and programs provided aim in nurturing, educating, and uplifting each individual¬¬¬¬— building an all-around, personal, support system. Joseph Legget, CEO, continually asks himself, “Am I making the connection with the children and the families personally?”

This question has been asked for some time, as Joseph has served as the CEO since 2007; it seems as the answer is “yes”, as it’s grown in numbers and grown in extended services to the children and community. When Joseph was approached to serve on Falcon’s board, he was hesitant. At the time, there were only 15 children and it was on its way to closing the doors. Joseph’s father even advised him to not take the job, however, Joseph explained “I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t imagine them closing the doors”. So, he answered “yes” and 15 children has grown into 80 children.

On site, there are about 12 and more group homes, each housing 5-8 children alongside their assigned ‘house parents’. Here, children are given a safe environment and have access to social workers or case managers, counseling services, and can receive medical treatment from doctors or nurses or physician’s assistant. They can also participate in recreational activities of their liking.

The programs offered see to the care of teens, including teenager mothers, educating them on physical care and mental care. And throughout their stay, they are housed in specific apartments on campus. The Maternity Care Program is available to pregnant teenagers and gives education on delivery of the baby and helps the teen whether she decides to parent the baby or give the baby up for adoption. The Mother’s with Babies Program is open to any teenage mothers to be qualified for foster care services and has the opportunity to see a counselor throughout the pregnancy.

Other educational programs are: The Transitional Living Program, offering skills on transitioning into adulthood such as managing money and a checkbook, how to live independently, while also classes on nutrition, hygiene, and safety skills to name a few. If a teen has a job, they are required to put half of their paycheck into a savings account, providing them with something to start with once they move out after 21 years of age. Children also have the option of attending Falcon’s own private Christian school on campus, Falcon Christian Academy; a K-12 school, currently teaching about 80 students in the school.

Just about the time Joseph accepted the CEO position, Bill McMillan came into his life; the two met around 12 years ago through the Fayetteville Business Club, and has significantly helped Falcon. When Falcon is need of furniture, Re-Store Warehouse donates. “They have the best interest in our youth. They donate quality furniture, TV stands, armoires, and really asks what our organization needs. They care about those less fortunate in our community.”

Mentoring Together—Our Partnership with Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services

A positive project Re-Store Warehouse has been apart of with Falcon is a woodworking shop; some of the wood used is donated from Re-Store Warehouse and allows children to create chairs or cabinets or plaques for people in need, and earning some extra money. “Working on a project like that allows the kids to have extreme focus and attention and this can be very therapeutic and ultimately a healing process to the kid”, Joseph explains.
On a more personal level, Bill also has sponsored The Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, paying for 50-60 tickets in the past. This has been important for them, being 60% of the kids are African American. Joseph affirms, “This gives them an opportunity to learn about their culture and history.”

Staff and all leaders at Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services serve passionately to provide an environment where the child feels safe and is a place of healing for the child; and encourages them to be successful in whatever they want to be in life. The community strives for that too. “We have a good ministry and a good reputation in Cumberland County with old people and young people. This community gives a lot, and so does Bill, and we are thankful.”

We at Re-Store Warehouse are thankful with this partnership, too, and are eager to continue participating with the guiding, caring, and mentoring of the children’s futures.

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