10 Ways to Repurpose Furniture and Household Goods

Many Americans have spent the past several months at home, only venturing out for necessities. For some, that meant time to assess their home environment, clean things out and even delve into remodeling projects. With an uncertain future that can potentially affect income, it might not be possible to purchase new furniture for your remodel plans. No worries! There are great options for repurposing furniture and other household goods to get exactly what you need!

Take a look at what you already have on hand or browse through our selection of furniture and household goods—from cabinets, benches, book cases, mirrors, etc.—on display in our showroom to find the perfect piece (or pieces) to transform into treasures. Shop with an idea in mind or just let what’s available stir your creativity.

Repurposing furniture and other decorative household items can save you money and is a great way to access your creativity. Whether you’re a skilled DIYer or a beginner, there’s a project for you. However you decide to repurpose, here are 10 ways to decorate your home by repurposing.


1. Need extra storage in the kitchen or always wanted a kitchen island?


An old or unused dresser can easily be used to accommodate kitchen tools and utensils you can’t seem to find room for anywhere else. A dresser can also make a kitchen island to use for prep and storage.


2. A narrow shelf can be a great addition to an office or kitchen.


Refinish an old ladder or keep it rustic, add brackets to mount it against the wall and you have a usable (and possibly a conversation piece) to hold spices, pencil holders, bottles, etc. Add a cloth or screen to secure items.


3. Create a new space to study or work.


Working and learning remotely have pointed out the need for a good home office space. Attach a board to a small, three drawer dresser, trim with molding and you’ve got a desk! 


4. Turn old wine glasses into candle holders.


Turn wine glasses upside down, attach cork coasters to the rim and place candles in what used to be the bottom of the stem and you have a new set of candle holders. Personalize them by adding a collection of sea shells and a bit of sand, a collection of polished, colorful rocks or marbles inside the globe part.


5. Create a coffee table with an old door.


Sand it, stain it, paint it or leave it as it is, attach it to a base or legs and you’ve made a new coffee table.


6. Repurpose a crib as a shelf.


Remove one of the side rails, insert it inside the crib to form a shelf, and top the structure with a piece of glass or butcher block. Display your favorite accessories! 


7. Fashion a headboard from cabinet doors.


After making any desired cosmetic changes to the doors, such as paint, cut a piece of wood to the same measurement as the width of your bed. Attach the cabinets to the wood, then mount the assemblage above your bed to complete your rustic statement.


8. Give an old bookcase a new life as a baby closet.


Remove the bottom two shelves and replace with rods to hang clothes, paint or refinish and you’ve made a space to store baby clothes and accessories.


9. Build a garden shed with old doors.


Connect four doors, add a simple roof and a few boards for a foundation and you’ve got a great place to store your garden tools.


10. Convert an old vanity light fixture into a sleek candle holder.


Use an old bar light fixture usually seen in bathrooms or around dressing tables, remove the light fixtures, spray paint it and insert votive candles and you’ve got a new candle holder.

These are just a few ideas. Check out these other sources for new ideas. We always get new inventory so visit our warehouse frequently. If you can’t find a use for your furniture or household items, donate it so someone else can use it. Your donations are tax-deductible, and 100 percent of the profits are given to local charities to make our community a better place.

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