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Planning a home remodel is exciting, but it can also be a big undertaking and stressful. Whether you’re remodeling to make your home more efficient, to gain more space or to increase your resale value, there’s a lot to consider before you begin. Taking the time to plan can make the ordeal less stressful. Planning will also help you keep track of every aspect of your project and make it less difficult to deal with any roadblocks you encounter once the process begins.

Initial considerations include deciding the scope of the project. Are you planning a whole house remodel or are you going to concentrate your remodeling efforts on just one room? Is the project one you have the skills and time to take on yourself or will you hire a professional?

Whatever you decide and whichever route you choose, a bit of careful planning and forward thinking will increase your chances for success.

Find your inspiration.

Before you begin you should have an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve. That sounds simple enough, but the choices are so varied that it’s

easy to become overwhelmed and end up with something that doesn’t reflect you at all. Fortunately, there is no shortage of design inspirations. 

  • Magazines are a treasure trove of ideas and there are magazines for just about every type of style.
  • Catalogs offer photos of carefully staged rooms that can provide lots of design concepts.
  • Show homes are available to tour in many areas and, like catalogs, have been arranged by design professionals to display a variety of motifs.
  • Books and art, and not just books about interiors, but books and art in general can give you clues as to what you love to look at.
  • Nature is full of many colors, textures and ideas that can be incorporated into your design. 
  • Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of ideas that can be used as inspiration.


Decide on a budget.

The fun part of a remodel is choosing the design, but before you start buying paint and tiles, you need to make sure your project doesn’t break the bank. One option for sticking to your budget is to check out home remodeling needs at the Re-Store Warehouse. A general rule of thumb is that you should spend no more on each room than the value of that room as a percentage of your overall house value. For example, a kitchen generally accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the property value, so spend no more than this on kitchen renovation costs. Make sure to build a cushion into your budget in case you find issues lurking underneath, especially if you have an older home.

Organize necessary paperwork.

Getting all the paperwork needed for your remodeling project is not only a smart thing to do, it may also save your sanity. Make sure you understand and obtain (or have your contractor obtain if you’re using a professional) all the planning permissions, inspections and certifications that are required to complete your project.

You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money on a home remodel. Often, the best home remodeling ideas are easy to do and inexpensive. 

  • Transform almost anything, including walls, cabinets and furniture, with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Add new fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms to make a big difference.
  • Install crown molding and/or faux thick baseboards for an inexpensive, elegant look.
  • Replace worn countertops to completely alter the look of a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Create an accent wall with wallpaper of paint and change the atmosphere in a room. 

From windows and doors to flooring and tile and just about everything in between, visit The Re-Store Warehouse for great deals for you and support for those in need in our community. We even provide third-party financing. 

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