Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home; the place where friends and family gather to eat and socialize. Remodeling or updating your kitchen is a great way to help you create a more welcoming and efficient space. It can also provide sellers with a return on investment. 

There are many reasons people decide to remodel their kitchens. Some people want more space. Others may just want a new look. Whatever your reason, think about what you want before getting started. Collect photos of kitchen looks that you like and think about how you use the kitchen. Once you’ve thought it through, it’s time to get started.

One of the first things to consider is kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are the backbone of the kitchen and the cornerstone of a kitchen remodel. Your kitchen cabinets can transform the look of your kitchen. From the color scheme of the kitchen to its overall theme and appearance, your kitchen cabinets will dictate the look and feel of your kitchen. That’s why it’s so important to first look at the cabinetry options before deciding on anything else. 

Whether you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel or just want to make a few changes, these tips will help you get started and eliminate some of the stress that comes with home improvements:

Pick the cabinet door style first.

Cabinet doors are the most visible things in your kitchen and have the biggest overall impact in  your cabinet selection. With so many different choices available today, choosing kitchen cabinet doors can be fun, but also a little daunting. You can start to narrow your choices by deciding on a door profile. Do you want a classic look or a modern look? Are you drawn to a simple look or something ornate? What wood type and color appeal to you?

Think about function as well as beauty.

There are so many different cabinet choices. How will you use your cabinets? Will cabinets or drawers work better for your needs? Deep drawers may be a better option for storing pots and pans or very large drawers may make it easier for you to store cooking utensils. Do you want to include open shelving? Once you’ve decided what will work best for you, adding decorative or textured glass doors can add beauty and personality.

Consider organizational needs.

Your kitchen cabinet choices should take into account your organization preferences. Think about how you use your kitchen and what makes it work for you. Will a pots and pans pull-out or a Lazy Susan make your life easier? Do you favor a certain way to organize your spices?

Be aware of your budget.

Kitchen cabinets are a major investment (and an investment you’re unlikely to make again anytime soon) that usually represents the bulk of a kitchen remodel budget so it’s advisable to choose cabinets you can afford. 

Finding your new kitchen cabinets and other things to remodel your kitchen for less at The Re-Store Warehouse will be easy on your budget and help support the less fortunate of Cumberland County while promoting sustainability of our environment.


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