10+ Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated on the kitchen floor pulling out every pot and pan you own to reach the cheese grater lodged in the very back of the cabinet, you understand how the right kitchen cabinet storage solutions can make your life easier. It can help eliminate clutter, make it easier to find things and even make your time in the kitchen more efficient. 

Whether you need more space, or your current set-up just isn’t working, there are some good ways to up your kitchen cabinet organization game. Kitchen cabinet storage doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you may even already have some of these items.

Baskets, Canisters & Containers

Store everything from spices and baking ingredients to cereal, chips and loose-leaf tea in either glass or plastic containers to save space in your kitchen cabinets and keep everything neat. Baskets are handy for towels and utensils that need to be put away. 

Metal Shelf Organizers

Install metal shelf organizers to fit perfectly inside your cabinets on full undermount extensions so they can slide out like drawers. It’s a great way to find what you’re looking for without having to pull everything out of the cabinet. 

Tension Rods

Add tension rods to the inside of a cabinet to create your own spice rack or place them on the inside of your kitchen sink cabinet to stash cleaning supplies.

Metal Bars

Secure a metal bar to the back of a cabinet or pantry door and attach ring hooks for a new take on a spice rack. Use see-through plastic bags to store your most commonly used spices and secure them with ring hooks for an easy-access spice storage system.

Shelves & Peg Systems

Organize your plasticware by size and type using shelves and peg systems for an easy storage solution. You can also attach a couple pieces of cork board to hold your recipes and measurement conversions. 

File Organizers

Repurpose some of your old or unused file organizers or magazine storage containers to store cookie sheets, cooling trays, baking tins, pans, and cutting boards.


Attach a couple hooks to the inside of your cabinets for accessible storage for cups, measuring cups and spoons, etc.

Lazy Susan

Place a Lazy Susan inside a cabinet to hold your jars of flour, rice, and sugar for easy access.

Vinyl or Chalkboard Paint

Cover the back of your cabinet doors with chalkboard vinyl or paint to create hidden message boards that eliminate the need for scattered sticky notes or scraps of paper.  

Drawer Dividers

Clean up your cluttered drawers with drawer dividers to organize items like flatware and cooking utensils. 

Over-the-Door Organizers

Hang an over-the-door organizer on the inside of your pantry door to store a variety of items and make them easy to find.

Those are just a few ideas for kitchen cabinet storage for a more streamlined kitchen. A trip to The Re-Store Warehouse is a great place to find new kitchen cabinets, as well as other kitchen needs for less. You can even get third-party financing. When you purchase from Re-Store Warehouse, you’re not just shopping, you’re helping those in need.

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