Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Remodeling the kitchen soon?

Who ever thought it would be so difficult? There are so many options today.

Kitchen Trends

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2018 Design Trends Study, many trends are emerging with regards to colors, styles and finishes for kitchen cabinets. “After years of dominance, traditional styles have been usurped by transitional and contemporary looks,” says the NKBA of Hackettstown NJ.

Picking The Right Color And Finish

It’s also important to not overlook the importance of choosing the right type of cabinets for your next kitchen redo.

Popular Colors And Styles

White has long been the predominant color for kitchen cabinets. White provides clean lines and a timeless appearance for your kitchen. White has been joined by gray as the most popular colors for cabinets. All other colors are far behind with blue being the next closest color. It’s almost contradictory that white, long the traditional color of a classic kitchen design, is still the hottest color considering the shift to contemporary looks.

Choose The Right Finish

How the color is applied to the cabinet is another choice for the kitchen makeover. Paint is now the number one choice for cabinet facing. Stay away from thermofoil finishing which can yellow and peel giving your cabinets and unsightly appearance long before they are functionally obsolete.

Compare How Cabinets Are Constructed

There are several choices to consider when looking at cabinets materials and the way they are constructed. This is one of the most important steps in the decision process.

Wood vs Particle Board

Wood is still the preferred construction material of new kitchen cabinets. When doing your price comparison shopping, do not compare an all wood kitchen cabinet to a particle board cabinet. All wood kitchen cabinets are made of a higher quality material. Will last longer. And will survive better the unexpected water leak.


Also of note in the NKBA survey was the trending popularity of frameless cabinets as opposed to framed cabinets. Remember that contemporary has overtaken traditional in the styling department.

Overlay vs Inset Door

Finally, most people considering a kitchen makeover prefer a full overlay door over an inset door. Full overlay means that the cabinet doors cover almost the entire face of the cabinet. They “meet” each other in the middle of the cabinet.

The Time Is Right To Improve Your Space

With a relatively robust economy, spending on home improvement projects is on the rise. According to the 5th Annual LightStream Home Improvement Survey, a record 45% of home renovations will be $5,000 or more. National forecasts are for more than $340 billion dollars will be spent on residential remodel projects in 2018. That’s an increase of almost 7.5% over 2017.

Now is a great time to tackle your home improvement project. With a booming stock market, low unemployment and surging home market, the time is right for you to make an investment that will provide not only financial returns but also memory making opportunities in your new and improved space.

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