Gate beautiful

Gate Beautiful

Offering restoration for victims, buyers and human traffickers alike, because we believe in freedom for all

Gate Beautiful offers a clear path to freedom to men, women and children caught in the snare of human trafficking, prostitution or addiction by providing rapid response, case management and individualized restoration planning. Their mission is not limited to the victims of human trafficking, but to those on all sides of the human trafficking problem.

#1 - Cumberland County ranks number 1 in North Carolina in the number of human trafficking cases.
#6 - Currently, North Carolina ranks number 6 in the nation in the number of human trafficking cases.

Gate Beautiful works in partnership with local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office to serve survivors primarily during the emergency and stabilization phases of recovery. Once survivors are in a safe place, Gate Beautiful works with them individually to create a long term plan that fits their needs and desires and empowers them to walk towards full freedom and healing.

Gate Beautiful
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